What is

Immortalize is an online vault of a person’s life and times up until death. The site allows for mentoring and networking while a person is alive, and provides an online memorial for friends and family to remember the person once he/she has passed.

Immortalize allows anyone to learn about the life of any individual around the world, famous and non-famous, living or passed away. Individuals are able to create public or private Vaults, and create their own autobiographies or biographies for a loved one through the use of Timepieces to capture significant life events, both happy and sad. Varying levels of Vault and Timepiece visibility allow individuals to share information with family, friends or the public.

Immortalize in 3 simple steps


Create an account for you or a loved one, or sign in with Facebook.


Answer a short series of questions to generate your Vault space.


Upload photos and videos of cherished events and items, and you're done. You can then invite others to visit your Vault and contribute Timepieces.

How It Works

Here's run down on the immortalize process, including what you and others can do and see on the site.

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Who We Are

Immortalize's mission is to provide a platform for individuals all around the world to preserve and share life stories, memories, and biographies with family, friends and the public, so that others, including future generations, may benefit from these unique personal life journeys.

Immortalize truly believes that every person's life on the planet is precious and that "Every life story deserves to be told." Not only can current generations learn from these life stories, but also future generations can learn invaluable life lessons.

Immortalize was created out of a need for a platform for providing remembrance and mentorship networking in addition to social networking. The intent is for people to be really open about their thoughts and share deep memories of their life with their circle of family and friends. In doing so, they would essentially be creating a biography of themselves, which would allow for mentorship networking and ultimately remembrance networking once they have passed.

Founded in 2015, Immortalize is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, a major technology and innovation hub.

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