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Using Immortalize

Immortalize is a place to write your auto-biography and the biography of a loved one, mentor others, share deep thoughts, and even connect with others if desired. Immortalize relies on the principles of honesty, sharing and caring. The site is about you, your life journey, and the memories you leave behind for your family, friends and the public.

Report Error/Bug

Immortalize is a new site, so as you use Immortalize you may encounter code errors/bugs in the system. We request that you report such bugs/errors as and when possible to

Report Inappropriate

While we try to ensure that the Immortalize community abides by the acceptable use policy of the site, there may be instances where users inadvertently post content that is deemed inappropriate. If a user comes across such content, the user may click the "Report as inappropriate" icon, which will then trigger an inquiry by us into the specific content and may result in removal of that content.



  • 1. What are Timepieces?
  • Timepieces are meant to capture memorable and deep moments in your life, both happy and sad. These moments will ultimately become your online auto-biography and can either be kept private until some future time and subsequently shared with family or friends or both, or Timepieces can be shared immediately with family, or friends or both.

  • 2. Could you tell me more about Timepieces?
  • Timepieces are events, happy or sad, that you experienced throughout your life which you want to write about. Think of Timepieces as the pages in your auto-biography. Timepieces can be kept private, for only you to see and/or perhaps released to your family or friends at a future point in time or when you have passed. Timepieces can also be shared immediately with family and/or friends and you can even allow others (friends or family or both) to comment on them. Additionally, you can allow others (friends or family or both) to create Timepieces which will display on your Timeline once you have approved it.

  • 3. Is there a limit on the text or number of images for Timepiece?
  • No. There is no text, image, or file limitation for a Timepiece.

  • 4. Can I just upload images for a Timepiece?
  • Yes, you can create a video/image Timepiece which will be a collage of your photos and videos of that specific event. Of course you will still need to have a title for this Timepiece.

  • 5. How do I archive a Timepiece and prevent it from being seen by others?
  • Timepieces can be taken "offline" by clicking the "archive" button from within the specific Timepiece. All archived Timepieces are visible only to you under the Settings --> Timepieces menu. Any archived Timepiece can be moved back online by clicking the publish button.

  • 6. How do I delete a Timepiece?
  • To delete a Timepiece you would need to archive it. Once a Timepiece is archived, you can open the specific Timepiece and click the "delete" button. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation to delete it. Clicking OK will permanently delete the Timepiece. Once a Timepiece is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

  • 7. How do I remove the ability for others to comment on my Timepieces?
  • For all your Timepieces, you can remove the ability for others to comment on your Timepieces by going to your Settings -- > Privacy and Notifications menu and un-clicking the "Allow comments for Timepieces" checkbox. From that point forth, the comments functionality will be disabled on Timepieces and others will not be able to comment on any of your Timepieces. Note that historical comments for Timepieces will remain.

  • 8. How do I delete a specific comment from my Timepiece?
  • You will see a "Delete" button next to each comment. If you click this delete button, there will be a pop-up asking if you want to permanently delete this comment. Click OK to permanently delete this comment. Deleted comments cannot be recovered.

  • 9. How do I report an obscene Timepiece?
  • Pubic Timepieces can be viewed by anyone. If you come across a Timepiece which has obscene/sexual content, then while in the Timepiece you can click on the "more..." button and click "Report as Inappropriate." This will be followed up on by Immortalize, and after review will be acted upon based on the Terms and Conditions for using Immortalize.


  • 10. How does mentorship work?
  • A person may read one of your Timepieces and request mentorship from you based on what you have written. Or someone visiting your profile home page may read about you and directly request mentorship from you by clicking on the connect icon to the left of your profile picture.

  • 11. How do I become a Mentor?
  • First you have to allow for mentorship in your profile, by going to the General section under Edit Profile and turning "On" the "Allow Mentorship" option. Next provide your interests so others can find you. And finally, you should probably have some Timepieces available for the public so that others can read about your life experiences.

  • 12. Are my Mentor-Mentee chats private?
  • Yes, only you and your mentee can see your conversation in your chat window.

  • 13. Can I request mentorship from anyone?
  • Yes, provided the person has enabled mentoring on his/her profile. You can request mentorship based on the person's profile or based on a specific Timepiece. If requesting mentorship based on a person's profile, you can click on the "Request mentorship" link next to the person's profile picture. If requesting mentorship based on a Timepiece, you can click on the Mentorship icon within the specific Timepiece. You will receive a notification once the person has accepted your request.

  • 14. Can I end a mentor-mentee relationship/conversation at any point?
  • Yes, mentor-mentee conversations can be terminated by either party at any time.

  • 15. Can I re-activate a terminated mentor-mentee conversation?
  • Yes, both a mentor and mentee can re-open a past conversation by clicking the "Re-open" button. The receiver will have to re-accept to open the dialogue. Of course if either party has blocked the other, then the "re-open" button will not be displayed and no communication will be possible.

    Immortalize Another

  • 16. What is Immortalize Another?
  • Immortalize another allows you to create profiles for family/friends who have passed away. When you Immortalize another, you will be the owner of that profile and can add content to that profile. You will be able to manage all Timepieces for that individual as well.

  • 17. Can I create an Immortalize profile for my best friend who has passed away?
  • Yes, you can do this via Immortalize another. Since this is a friend, and prior to the site being published, you will have to prove that you are indeed this person's best friend by submitting a picture or document proving this.

    My Circle

  • 18. What is My Circle?
  • My Circle is a convenient way to view all your connections. In the My Circle view, all your connections are displayed to you by relationship (family/friend/mentor/influencer). At any given time, you will always know who is in your network and connected to you.

  • 19. Who is an Influencer?
  • This is someone who you admire and have added to your network as an Influencer.

    My Remembrance

  • 20. What is My Remembrance?
  • My Remembrance is a page that allows you to share images and excerpts of yourself with respect to how you want to be remembered. On your My Remembrance page, you can write about your outlook on life, your advice/message to society, your favorite quotes, and anything that you would like to share with future generations who visit this page. The page will be only be displayed when you have passed away and provides an opportunity for people to remember you and celebrate your life. Additionally, if you enable the commenting feature located under Notification settings, people will be able to post Remembrance Notes on your Remembrance page, for example, on the anniversary of your passing.

  • 21. What is a Remembrance Reel?
  • A Remembrance Reel is a collection of your most precious photos displayed as a slideshow in your Remembrance page.

  • 22. When does My Remembrance get displayed on my profile?
  • Your Remembrance link becomes visible on your profile home page on the date you specify as your Remembrance Release Date (located in menu --> My Remembrance), or when your Trustee changes your profile from alive to passed away."-

  • 23. Who should I pick as a trustee for my profile?
  • A Trustee is a person who is close to you and who you trust well. Your trustee will be responsible for switching your site from alive to passed away, so your Trustee should be someone who you interact with on a regular basis, as he/she would know about your well being at any given time. For example, a parent or child would be an ideal candidate for a Trustee.

  • 24. What if I don't have a Trustee?
  • If you don't have a Trustee, you don't have to worry, as you can just set a future "Remembrance Release Date" for when your profile will be switched from alive to passed away, and your Remembrance will be displayed on your profile page.


  • 25. Do I have to answer all the question within This is Me and More about Me?
  • No. Answering these questions is entirely up to you. These questions are to provide an idea of who you are and were for current and future generations. Your This is Me and More About Me sections can remain private or you can decide to share them with family, friends or the public."


  • 26. How do I learn more about the features of Immortalize site in order to conveniently navigate through the site?
  • There is a "Site Tutorial" available under the "Settings" menu which will take you through the major functionality of Immortalize.


  • 27. How can I ensure my data is protected?
  • Securing content on the site is our top priority. To that extent we have implemented encryption in transit.

  • 27. What should I do if I feel someone has accessed my account or hacked into my account?
  • The first thing to do is login and re-set your password. Then send an email to and we will investigate this issue and contact you.


  • 28. How can I control who sees what on my page?
  • There a several places where you can set the privacy for your pages. These are listed below.

    A. Timepieces Privacy: controls the privacy level for Timepieces. This is located under Edit Profile --> General section.

    B. This is me Privacy: controls the privacy level for your This is me section. This is located under Edit Profile --> This is me section.

    C. More of me Privacy: controls the privacy level for you More of me section. This is located under Edit Profile --> More of me section.

  • 29. What do the various privacy settings represent?
  • A choice of privacy settings offer different levels of access and viewing ability which allow you to selectively share information with your Circle. These privacy settings are listed below.

    A. Private: Content is entirely private and ONLY you can see this content.

    B. Family Only: Content is restricted to ONLY individuals in your Circle who are connected to you on the site as "Family."

    C. Friends Only: Content is restricted to ONLY individuals in your Circle who are connected to you on the site as "Friend."

    D. Family and Friends: Content is restricted to individuals in your Circle who are connected to you on the site as "Family" AND "Friend."

    E. Public: Content is viewable to anyone with an Immortalize account.

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